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I purchased a pair of sneakers on March 5th at Marshall's in Catonsville, MD. Today I noticed that the rubber was pulling away from the canvas.

I returned to the store with my receipt, which stated that returns are accepted within 30 days. I was told by the cashier that I could not exchange the shoes because she "did not know what I did to them." I told her that my son wore them to school for the three weeks that we owned them. I asked for the district mananger's phone number and she told me that " it doesn't matter. He won't exchange them either." I asked for the mananger (Ron) who looked at the shoes for a while and finanlly said that he would not return them.

He "didn't know what" I "could have done to them." When I asked for the district manangers name and phone number I was told that he didn't have a number and that I should call customer service, which was closed.

I told Ron that I have never had to return merchandise to Marshall's before as I was always satisfied. I stated that I would not be spending my money at Marshall's again and was told by the cashier "that no one cared if I shopped at Marshalls again."

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I had the same issue with them and. I just wore the shoes once and returned it the next weekend. The Key Holder maybe that is what they called their managers Catherine was even talking down to me.

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Marshalls won't take anything back that they can't resell. If they took back every defective product they would have little to no inventory.

Why do you think you're getting the products for more than half off? It's Marshalls, not Macy's. You get what you pay for. Also, another issue is you wouldn't believe how many people buy things, wear them, and then try to return them and pull the "its defective" card.

It doesn't work that way. Trust me I worked there for a few years and turned plenty of people down.


Yea...I find it very hard to believe the cashier said that as you left. Customers tend to pull the victim card.

Still even with the receipt Marshalls does have the right to refuse to return something. It must have been returned in a deplorable condition.

Houston, Texas, United States #662468

Read their return and exchange policy.


I also purchased a pair of Shoes at Marshalls wherein the sewing was defective on an pair of ugg-like boots. The manager, said they could not accept a return on the shoes because they were worn.

After a negotiation, she agreed to exchange them for a new exactly the same pair.

When she brought me the like pair, I pointed out the exact same manufacturing defect. Needless to say, I did get my money back, but not without still having to argue with her.

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