Getting prepared to go on a long cruise is actually very awful when your a mom of 2 boys and have to pack for 4 people total and still maintain everyday duties of life. On top of it all I havnt been able to lose the weight from my pregnancies and as such, I am still forced to shop in the plus size women's area.

Today while at Marshalls searching for clothing, I was passed by on a few occasions by a sales girl who couldnt have been more than 18, I'm guessing. Yes she was absolutely stunning, and I mean gotta look twice-that how pretty, but proved not to have an ounce of care. How sad. She met my eyes at least 3 times (as I'm feeling frumpy, desperate and not pretty), but refused to smile, speak, Or to offer assistance.

Truely, all she could do was look in the mirrors in the bathroom where I bumped into her again. Ugh. Beautiful and uncaring. These people do not belong in sales.

On the other hand my day turned up when KATIE, a mom of 2 boys herself offered her assistance to me as I was looking desperately for a bathing suit in a plus size which would cover my legs a bit more modestly than I saw on the racks. When I related my woes, she stopped helping me look-and instead met my eyes For several seconds and sincerely empathized, and related her own personal thoughts about her slightly overweight frame too after her boys. She went on to look high & low, she went from here to there and then finally admitted the selection was low in plus sizes, however, offered a few tips thst had worked for her and were actually in style... such as the shorts w/ tankini look or even swim trunks!

Totally ingenious! Yes! So I looked and soon out of nowhere she came over to check on me again, as sweet kind and sincere as before. Wow.

I swear if I get the courage to get out clothes shopping again-in this body with the extra wright-I'm calling Marshalls and asking when Katie is on the clock again. I've spent at least $3500.00 at Home Goods and maybe close to $500 at Matshalls in the past 2 years & seldom ever have any such sales rep as sincerely interested as this woman. Why? Simply because she's a mom too, who has learned to watch BODY LANGUAGE.

Moms are all too understanding of the weight issues too, unlike the little teenager parading around not earning her keep but pretending to.

Thank you Katie. Your truely a jewel.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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"have to pack for 4 people total and still maintain everyday duties of life"

r u referring to packing suitcases?..thats hardly a permanent challenge

Moline, Illinois, United States #1350980

you are very attractive, you don't have to take a back seat to an 18 yo twit....keep your chin up

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