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Yesterday, in preparation for my summer vacation, I whet in and bought some summer wear items at the Emeryville Marshalls. I didn't have time to try anything on, because I was running late to lunch with my Mom. I bought the items, that included a pair of J Crew white shorts. I was excited to find my size and the style I was looking for. I bought them, left to my lunch and when I got home and finally had time to try them on, I discovered the disgusting stain they had. I didn't even try them on all they way, thank God!

So, after work today, I walked to the nearest Marshalls on Market street on SF. I made the line to return the shorts and let the cashier know the reason I was returning them. She left, and came back 10mins later to let me know that I couldn't return the shorts there. She said I needed to go the store where I bought them. This was bizarre to me, as it's not the first time

I shop at Marshalls. I asked for the reason, and she said that they couldn't find the item in their system and the return had to be done in the store where I bought the item. I asked to see a manager right away.

The manager comes back and tells me that they cannot take back any stained items to which I responded "but you can sell them?" I asked her to clarify why I was being sent back to the other store and she explained that she wasn't going to take back an item that was damaged. So, which is it, Amy? You can't find the item in the system or you won't take back the damaged item I purchased not even 24hrs ago?

I find this experience to be probably the worst customer service ever. It's ridicolous that you can't take back an item that is stained, but you have no problem at all charging me $24.99 for it.

Next steps? Headed to the Emeryville store where I bought the *** shorts in the first place. They have a camera, which they will use to see that I didn't even TRY THE SHORTS ON before lei basing them. Then, I hope to gey money back and never step foot in a Marshalls again. I'm an educated, professional, blogger, working in the Silicon Valley for one of the most prestigious companies in tech and will not hesitate to escalate this matter further for the way I was treated today in your store.

Having worked in retail in the last, I know that to say the customer is always always right is far from the truth, but in this case, you as a company, were not right - not right at all!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss return, exchange or cancellation policy of j crew shorts. Marshalls needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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