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summary of my complaint:

I just had the worst shopping experience of my life at your store in Mira Mesa, San Diego.

I was focused on my phone to let him know I was done and headed over. As I am exiting the store your employee, yells from about 3 feet behind me "excuse me ma'am, do you want to pay for that shirt in your bag" - direct quote. Knowing that she could not possibly be talking to me I turned around to see who the thief was. And this "Melinda (Mindy) Brown" was standing right behind me with a smug look on her face looking into my eyes like I was her man.

At that point I requested her name and requested that she repeat her accusation, made while acting in her official capacity as a Marshalls employee. At this point, the smugness that she had moments earlier was gone and she was crying out to what I suppose is her manager for assistance.

This woman made a VERY specific accusation 1) I stole from Marshalls 2) that I stole a shirt (she had an exact item in mind). I immediately opened my bag which contained a small wallet and 2 cell phones. That is it. A wallet and 2 cell phones. There was no basis for her accusation other than her racial profiling. No apology. Nothing. Somehow, she felt it acceptable to walk up to me and accuse me of stealing and felt that she would be applauded or promoted for it. BASED OFF NOTHING, but a black woman carrying a bag.

Anyone who accuses a customer, a frequent customer at that of stealing, based on nothing but the their sense of entitlement to disrespect another human being should be FIRED ON THE SPOT. The woman never apologized and even tried to deny the statement towards the end because "do you have that on tape?". I recorded the experience because I honestly couldn't believe what I just heard.This was the first time in my life I have experienced this outright disrespect.

Reason of review: racial profiling, bigotry and unethical behavior.

Preferred solution: termination.

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So what did you do with the shirt ? Down your skirt ?

In your blouse ? Lady got tagged at the grocery store the other day for putting packages of pork chops between her thighs.

to Anonymous #1532942

Lol. I just came from the beach so that wasn’t an option.

Tight shirt and short shorts I mean I literally returned from shopping in Paris 2 weeks ago. Dafuq I need to steal from Marshall’s for. I was in the store for all of 10 minutes minding my business and I’m still at a loss for what even provoked her.

Hopefully the first and last time I experience this. She had a little clipboard and I think all the “power” got to her head.

to Anonymous #1621185

I guess you put your shoplifted items down your blouse. Hey loser, not everyone is a thief.....


You must live in a hick town.... stealing pork chops...

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