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It was 7:50 pm and we were entering into marshalls and the cashier said they were already closed, when clearly there were other people entering too but they didn't tell them anything. They followed me and told me they were closed and they wouldn't let me just go get a towel i needed and they kicked me out of the store.

They kicked my two daughters and i out of the store ten minutes earlier than closing time. And supposably the sign said they were closing at 8:00 pm and they were closing 10 minutes early. The manager was very rude with me and so were the other empolyees, they treated me like i was a robber, i got very offended. I didn't say anything to them, for respect towards my daughters but they treated us very poorly and super rude.

I, now understand why your stores have lowered as in costumers. For the way they treat them, they should have more respect towards the costumers and ask us kindly to leave and close at the time they are suppose to. Not 10 minutes earlier than usual. And not ask us and basically block all of their costumers so they won't come through to get what they need.

Very rude, especially when they talk back to you with attitude to make you leave. I'm never going back to your stores, that is the way you lose costumers. i don't understand why they don't let me get the things i needed and give the company my money, especially since it wasn't closing time. So like i said, they treated us poorly and rude and they are the reasons why you don't get money as much, because of your bad service.

This marshalls store was on Sepulveda and Nordoff. I'm done shopping at your stores.

Hope you raise up your services soon before you lose more costumers and have zero.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Please learn to spell -- "cUstOmers," NOT "cOstUmers." Additionally, it's aggravating and stressful when customers come in 10 minutes before closing to shop when the staff have worked all day, still have another 1-2 hours of clean-up to do after the last customer leaves, and just want to go the h e l l home like you do at the end of the work day. So, don't be surprised when they don't welcome you into the store with open arms and a bouquet of flowers 10 minutes before closing.

It's because of people like you that the last customer never finishes checking out until 15 minutes past closing time. THAT is disrespectful, since you want to talk about disrespect.

Trust and believe, when you "threaten" to take your business elsewhere, the staff will be more than happy to make sure the door hits you in the *** on the way out, after which they will fist bump each other and dance a celebratory jig whilst whooping merrily. Good day to you.

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