Marshalls in S. Weymouth , MA,visiited 12.23.

I placed 12 items on counter 2 i gave to Eric said i would pass on purchasing them.He said do you have anything else u dont want ? i responded not yet but you can begin ringing these up , while i decide, he left the counter to put those two items away I see him standing with coworkers chatting he comes back he's looking at me once again do you have anything else Eric please go ahead and ring these up I'll let you know, I'm decidind with these two items (basket and gloves )still ponderring. so see him put the 12.10 oz spice mix glass bottle tower in plastic bag so i asked him to please wrap it , he said its not glass, so i said oh it feels like glass, Eric could you please do so? he gave a sigh, blank look on his face and did so.

At the end of my transaction I spoke with one of the managers Jennifer and I explained all that I stated and she defended Eric and stated how great he is and staff has been very busy and stressed. She knows i shop here frequently and im always happy, but today I am displeased and so I'm asking you to speak to Eric I don't need you to side with your staff look at the cameras look at what actually took place and then speak to Eric about his behavior.

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