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Manager did not give credit for an item she said wasn’t in the system though I bought it from the store. Another location gave me credit. Manager name is Deja but refused to give last name- Marshall’s 241 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn NY 11201

Product or Service Mentioned: Marshalls Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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No body cares what a scammer thinks!! Three posts because they caught you in a scam is a tad excessive.

Just because you snowed a different store doesn’t mean the first one was wrong. Did you even bring in a receipt or did you just walk in and demand service?

Doesn’t matter really because marshals won’t do anything. In their eyes you are a scammer.’

to Anonymous #1621163

Had a receipt. Bought a leather backpack and the zipper broke within a week.

Employees behave as if it is their store. The corporation wants to keep its’ customers happy and the employees should maintain good customer relations because they are easily replaced. Your skepticism of my honesty reveals your own dishonesty. You must truly be as scammer.

That angle never crossed my mind. Not everyone is a thief, like you.

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